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Introduction :
Imamganj Block of Distt. Gaya is situated inthe southern part of Gaya Just on the border of Jharkhand. The Block has two police Station. 17 Village Panchayat, 195 village of which 182 are chiragi and 13 are unchiragi. Total Land area of the Block is about 61708.52 sq acres out of which 17812.2 sq. acres is forestry and 1838.63 sq. acres are barren. Only 14537.45 sq. acres areas are furtile.
As of 2001 India census Imamganj had a population of 151491 out and which male population is 77.612 and Female is 738.79. Imamganj has a male litracy of 32128 and Female is 73879.
Imamganj History :
Imamganj has experienced the rise and fall of many and many ineidence happend in this area. It is know as a Nexalite area. Maximum activities of Nexalite are being done in this area. Due to these activties most of the people are living not peacefully. In spite of these the area experienced the blis of Gautam Budha who achieved enlightement below the pipal tree at Bodh Gaya.
Hostory :-
Bodhni Patiari- It is situated in south cost of Imamganj. It is an important historical place of this area. Many statue are recovered by diging at the top of this pahar.
Most of the area of Imamganj are Surrounded by forest and Hills which are very helpful for Nexalite activities.
        Even a great statue of Lord Budha was recovered which is still kept in the
        muzium at Bodh Gaya.

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